Late Summer Update


I thought I should do an update, since things are about to get crazy around here. We’ve been self-pollinating our pumpkin plants, no actual fruit yet but I’m hoping that will come later.


The herb garden is almost out of control. We have enough dill to pickle two jars already! And having fresh herbs around for cooking is just fantastic.



The rhubarb is far fuller than I thought it would get. As it gets bigger, we keep pulling more and more out and freezing it. One of these days, there will be pie!


We have about 12 peas on the plant right now, plus about 5 strawberries turning red. I think the strawberry plant will be far more successful next year, as it’s sent out about 5 shoots and plugged itself into different places in the earth box.

Our beans aren’t really useful this year. The plants are already dying off, and they never flowered. We had a similar problem with beans last year – does anybody know why?!? Advice is greatly welcomed in this area.

However, the flowers we have in that box are doing VERY well, I’ve never seen such big flowers on such a small plant!


The tomatoes are bearing fruit now, and the box they are in is going through about 10 litres of water / week. The round leaves at the bottom of the box are Nasturtiums, and those have already crawled their way into the two boxes on either side of them. Thankfully they’re edible; we’re planning on using the leaves in salad to pepper it up a bit.

Our clematis and morning glories are almost out of control too! Next year I plan to wind all of these vines in together, so that all the flowers on the wall are mixed – and hopefully not all at the top like this year!

And of course, Dexter likes to watch mommy play in the garden. I would let him out while I’m out there, but he’s so young, and there are a lot of bugs for him to chase after, and 20 floors is a loooooong drop! Maybe next year, when he’s old enough to learn the rules.



We take him out there now, but only with intense supervision. He really wants to be an outdoor cat.


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