Bok Choy

A new addition to our garden this year was Bok Choy.

Bok Choy is good for cooler crops.  In our region, you can usually get two good crops out of it; one planted in the early spring (directly in the ground, covered), and one in the late summer (harvesting in late fall).

I did not know anything about growing Bok Choy, and I made one crucial error that wasted about half the summer:  I planted it too late in the spring.  It grew tall and leggy, and bolted after about 6 weeks.  After some research, I learned about growing it in the fall, and replanted the seeds.  The plants pictured above are about 30 days old, and look much healthier than my first attempt.

If you are interested in growing Bok Choy, here’s what you need to know:

  • Start seeds indoors, 4-6 weeks before last frost (transplant after last frost)
  • Replant seeds in late fall
  • Plant seeds 6″ apart, 1/2″ deep
  • Partial shade
  • Heavy and even watering
  • Harvest before the hot weather sets in (about 45 days after germination), or before frost for fall crops

*Most of this information can also be found in the Suburban Garden Planting Guide.

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